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Lush Microfiber ExfoliSoft™




Hollywood Face’s Lush Microfiber is an extra plush fiber with extraordinary cleaning and absorption properties.

Our unique fiber-cutting technology splits each strand of fiber into smaller segments whose cross-sections resemble triangular wedges.

The pointed edges of these fibers efficiently deep cleanse pores, pick up dirt, absorb water, and scrape away dead skin cells and oil, all while remaining soft enough to use on a baby’s skin.



      Benefits of Our Lush Microfiber Products

          • 200 times thinner than human hair

          • Velvety soft yet a powerful exfoliator

          • Lightweight; long-lasting; lint-, and wrinkle-free

          • Absorbs 8 times its weight in water

          • Removes makeup, masks & products with just water

          • Removes hair dye from hair line when used wet • Exfoliates skin when used dry

          • Deep cleanses pores with or without product when wet



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