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                    20% Bamboo Charcoal    70% Polyester    10% Polyamide

Our pioneering bamboo charcoal products take the alreadyversatile nature of to a whole new level.

Bamboo charcoal is made by heating bamboo at a temperature of more than 1000˚ C, and then grounding it into nano-particles to combine with filament yarn.

The bamboo charcoal component of this textile gives it absorption properties that reduce moisture, inhibit bacteria, and eliminate odor. This technology, which has been used for centuries in Asia, is also known as “Ionic Therapy.”

Centuries ago, the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese used bamboo charcoal as a natural way to improve sleep and maintain healthy hair and skin. It was common for people to place a basket of bamboo charcoal under the bed, as bamboo charcoal absorbs the excess moisture in the air during periods of high humidity.

Today, bamboo charcoal is commonly used to counter the effects of exposure to the electromagnetic waves emitted from electronic devices. 

Asians place bamboo charcoal under hardwood floors to reap its benefits, boil it in water for sweeter-tasting tea and water, and place it in the rice cooker to yield better-tasting rice.

      Benefits of our Microbamboo™ Products:

         • Ultra-plush and super-absorbent
         • Lightweight; long-lasting; Lint-, wrinkle-, and odor-free
         • Mildew and bacteria resistant
         • Removes makeup, masks & products with just water

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